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Post by Il Duce Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:03 pm

This is a forum for free thinkers to discuss all aspects of internationally mobile lifestyle and the realities of cross border living, investing, and business. Whether you are a full time expat, perpetual traveler, or someone taking the first tentative steps towards internationalization, you are sure to find something here of value to you. We encourage your participation and contributions as a member.

As a guest you can see the main topic headings and a few of the open forums only. When you sign up as a member you will gain access to all topics under discussion.

You can create a personal profile and promote your business or services, ask questions, post your thoughts and articles on relevant topics and access a resource of great information. You can see the membership list and can privately message anyone on the forum (touting for business in this way is not allowed and is one of the few rules we have). We also have a live chat room function for real time discussion with online members.  

Current articles and topics under discussion include the following:

       INTRODUCTIONS - Please say a few words about yourself here
       QUESTIONS - Ask here
       SUGGESTIONS - How can we improve the forum?

       Precious Metals
       Real Estate
       Alternative Investments
       Stocks and Bonds
       Pensions and Retirement

       International Banking
       Account Opening
       Recommendations and Reviews
       Banking Open Chat


       Tax Open Chat

       Company Formation
       In Business
       Business Open Chat

       GLOBAL CITIZEN        

       Economic Citizenship        
       Second Passport    
       Legally Resident    
       Global Citizenship Open Discussion


       Expat and Perpetual Traveler Issues
       RANT ROOM - For off-topic discussions and generally blowing off steam!
       Recommendations and Reviews
       Expat Open Chat

       Services Offered
       Services Wanted
       Service Provider Recommendations
       Real Estate For Sale/Wanted

There is no censorship here. We value diverse opinion and healthy debate. We only ask that you read and comply with forum etiquette. Please don't make me have to shoot you!
Il Duce
Il Duce

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