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Forum Etiquette Empty Forum Etiquette

Post by Il Duce Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:32 pm

Welcome members and guests
This forum has been established to accommodate free and open discussion of ideas and issues related to internationally mobile lifestyle and the realities of cross border life.

* This forum exists for members to share their interest in internationalization

* Please be respectful towards other members and remember that for many English is not their first language so be tolerant and helpful
* If you disagree with someone else's ideas try to be constructive in your response
* Logging in with more than one username is not allowed
* Selling or otherwise touting for business is only allowed in the Market Place section

* Anonymity is fine but please use a real name when you contribute to the forum, not just the username you signed up with, it helps keep things civil


* Please say a few words about yourself in the INTRODUCTIONS forum before you start 
* Please sign posts with your real name or nickname, this can be in your signature
* Please include your location in your profile it helps others to help you
* Try to post in the relevant board for your topic.
* Try to stay on topic if you are responding to an existing topic
* Mods will occasionally move or split threads if things get out of place
* Please avoid flashing avatars or images - they irritate Il Duce!

Code Of Practice for Service Providers
* Service Providers are only permitted to advertise in the Market Place
* Service Providers are welcome and encouraged to contribute their expertise and participate in the general forum discussions as members
* Self promotion is not allowed outside the Market Place
* It is not permitted for Service Providers to use the pm or email facility, or the general forum, to tout for business
* Nothing offered in the Market Place is in any way endorsed by the Crossing Borders website


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