Six tips for buying and enjoying investment grade diamonds

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Six tips for buying and enjoying investment grade diamonds

Post by Rock Private Office on Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:37 am

Six tips for buying and enjoying investment grade diamonds...

All jewellery retailers have the identical pool of precious stone resources available to them. The only difference is exactly how much profit they would like to make from you. It makes sense to buy wholesale from a loose diamond dealer even if you're planning to wear them. Here are six tips for buying and enjoying investment grade diamonds:

 1. If you plan to wear the diamonds, don’t invest in the highest clarity grade. It is possible to buy a VVS or a flawless diamond, and through regular wear lower the grade to VS or even SI.

 2. It doesn’t need to be free of inclusions (flaws). If the diamond is clean to naked eye, then it’s the cut of diamond that imparts maximum sparkle and brilliance, so if diamond is eye-clean then give attention to its cut and size.

 3. It is possible for your jeweller to cover up a small visible flaw in the diamond by putting a prong over it or by setting the diamond in a mounting that covers up flaws like these (like in a Bezel Setting). Fine if you know about it. But if you are buying from a retail jeweller, they may not disclose the fact that there are additional flaws that are covered up. Buy the diamonds loose and certified and have them set later in a mounting of your choice.

 4. Be aware that a small visible inclusion too close to the bottom of the diamond can be reflected all around the diamond, making it look like it has more inclusions than there really are, and impossible to hide.

 5. The price of diamond increases exponentially with its carat weight. So, if you have limited budget and are looking for 1 carat diamond, then instead go for a 0.96 carat stone of similar quality. You will not find any perceivable difference. Also, if you choose to wear it, your jeweller should have absolutely no problems fitting the diamond into a setting made for a stone with a full carat value.

 6. Brand name doesn’t matter. It’s just a marketing strategy. Irrespective of who the miner is, from where diamond is mined, and the name of the retailer, diamond will always be diamond. Every diamond syndicate sells all qualities of diamond.

Have fun!
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