UK Members of Parliament Pay Increase

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UK Members of Parliament Pay Increase

Post by Rock Private Office on Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:13 pm

British MP's are about to vote themselves a 12% pay increase at a time when all other public servants are being expected to settle for 1%. The Chairman of the committee that decides the level of increase in MP's pay argues that if they don't increase it by this level MP's will resort to cheating their expense claims again to make up the short-fall! Anyone see a problem with this? Smile

Ipsa chairman Sir Ian Kennedy admitted last week that the 1% cap on public sector pay rises made the job of reviewing MPs' remuneration more difficult. But he insisted there was "never a good time" to deal with the issue, and warned that avoiding an increase could create another expenses-style crisis as politicians sought to top up their salaries.

The deal being unveiled is expected to back a 12% rise from the current level of £66,000, to take effect after the general election in 2015. From then on wages will rise annually in line with average UK earnings, a mechanism that the regulator hopes will ensure the situation is resolved for the long term.

Full article here:
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